on Blue Ground

Pitt Poetry Series

University of Pittsburgh Press

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Winner of the 2004 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

Aaron Smith speaks with a rare grace, truly.
— Robert Creeley
Aaron Smith’s Blue on Blue Ground is a sensuous poetry, a poetry about the complexities of both the psyche and the body. . . .
— Denise Duhamel
How entertaining to read this poet’s litany of doubts and anxieties! It’s awesome how he peels off his skin− he flinches plenty, but operates on himself heroically. . . .
— Edward Field
[A] book that will leave bite marks on the inner thigh of literature.
— D.A. Powell
‘How quickly I am made strange,’ says the daughter of a dying man seen accidentally by a stranger walking by the hospital window and stopping to watch; and reading these often beautiful poems, how quickly we are made strange, alive to ourselves.
— Jean Valentine